Arthritis Club

We Enjoy Limbering and Stretching in Warm Water

We welcome you to join us


We are a friendly group who welcomes everyone regardless if you have any form of arthritis, or not, have joint replacements, or who have been inactive for awhile!  Our classes begin at 7:55AM and end at 8:40AM Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays at the Beardsley Pool where we gather to participate in fun low impact water exercises. A volunteer instructor shows how each exercise is done. Doctors have said for a long time that exercise in the water is easier on the body because it has less impact on the joints.

Those of us who have been in the club a long time are also willing to help newcomers.

In addition to helping get our bodies moving, we enjoy a lot of fun social activities each month!  Check out our the Printable Event List tab for our upcoming general meetings, breakfasts, luncheons and outings.

General meetings are held at least 3 times a year, which are usually social events, open to all members and friends. We are an open group supportive of each other and you are invited to come and see for yourself. Bring your bathing suit, the water is waiting.  

What makes our club special:

  1. Our members truly care about one another.  Positive support and sharing, accepting one another without conditions
  2. Laughter and fun before, during, and after class as well as social events
  3. Open to greet and help new members and guests
  4. Support members going through tough situations
  5. We all have different issues and abilities.  It’s OK to do something with your left hand while others are using their right or to go back first and then forward.  
  6. We are all here to improve our personal health, and we’ve become a support family, too.

For membership information or questions please contact President Mary Jo Monten 623-975-6671, or click on the Member Information page under the Arthritis Club tab at the top menu to print out the current membership form.

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Open to Club Members and their accompanied guests!